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Robert Drummond

Robert was born in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, November 30th, 1960, as the youngest of four siblings (two brothers, one sister). He spent many hours at the local depot watching Missouri Pacific Railroad trains on the heavily trafficked Arkansas Division mainline. So much time, that one Friday night, a local crew invited him to join them in the locomotive while they set out and picked up cars from industries in nearby towns. in 1982 he graduated from Henderson State University with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a minor in Aviation. His career in Information Technology included stints in system management, application development, project/program management, and middle and upper management positions. During his employment he resided in Little Rock, Dallas, Colorado Springs, Ponca City, Tulsa, Coweta, and on 160 acres in Lincoln county. In 1995 Robert met Robin Rockwell while working together on a system development project. On May 1, 1998, they were happily married. They enjoy exploring life together both at home and travelling. Together they have explored spirituality through reading, meditating, and Tantric exercises. They share a love of nature and wildlife; especially large dogs. Previously involved in Mastiff rescue, they once shared their home with five large beasts. Today Robert is subservient only to two. After twenty years of working in a technical field, Robert took a sabbatical to return to school and obtain national certification in massage therapy and bodywork. He also studied Healing Touch, an energy-based healing modality for people and animals. His company, Touch Works, was founded to provide in-home massage/healing touch therapy for people and their pets. These studies closely aligned with his long-standing interest in earth/nature based religions. In 2006 Robert retired after being disabled by a previously asymptomatic neurological birth defect (Chiari malformation) and complications arising from its treatment. Today he enjoys watching Formula 1 Grand Prix racing, basking in the sun, and maintaining/driving British cars. Robert has a life-long love of railroading, and is a member of the Missouri Pacific railroad historical society, for which he provides volunteer technical assistance. After many years away from the hobby of model railroading, he is planning to start construction on the Caddo Valley Railroad. This fictional bridge line was born in Robert's college days as part of an independent studies project exploring computerization of railroad operations inspired by Missouri Pacific's ground-breaking Transportation Control System (TCS).