How do I login with an email link?

In order to use this feature we must have your email address on file

On the right side of the menu bar at the top of the screen, click on “LOGIN.” At the bottom of the login form click the “Send link to email” link.  You must then enter your email address.  If your email address is on file, you will receive an email from us with the subject “MyBradfordVillage Sign-In Link”.  Open the email message and click on the link in it.  If the link is not clickable just copy and paste it into your web browser.

Note that the link may only be used once, and expires after a few minutes.

This will take you to a form with a “Login” button.  Just click the button and you will be logged in.  If you are logging in on your personal computer, you may check “Remember me on this device” before clicking the login button.  This will keep you logged in unless you explicitly logout, or you clear your browser’s cookies.

Note that this keeps you logged in only on the current browser.  For example, if you use both Chrome and Edge and you use this option in Chrome, you will be logged in on Chrome but not on Edge.